Bespoke Risk Solutions

Security Project Management

Our ability to harness a wide range of expertise puts us in a strong position to manage security/risk based projects that may include elements of some or all of our services.

We will always consider a client request and make best efforts to understand what is required in terms of quality and delivery.

We make it our business to be thoughtful and accommodating at all times; however if we feel unable to provide the requested solution we will have no hesitation in saying ‘no’ as we believe this to be in our client’s best interests.

Logistics and Supply Chain Security

Our principal and founder has many years’ experience in logistics and supply chain risk and therefore we offer advice on facility security, high value goods in transit protection, anti-counterfeiting measures, use of technology to monitor and report incidents. We have many years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Ethos – What We Do & How We Do It

We offer a range of services and aim to deliver measurable benefits in a practical and cost effective manner. Our approach is highly personable, extremely thorough and centres around the existing and potential risk and security problems our clients would like to solve. At every opportunity we work with our clients to build trust and long-term relationships based on partnership.

We use plain language to explore, diagnose and address our clients’ needs. We do not use confusing jargon nor do we seek to impose ‘out of the box’ solutions that don’t properly address client needs. Equally our bespoke advice always seeks to deliver the simplest and most effective solution. We thrive on common sense. We do not thrive on unnecessary complexity.

We take a longer term view in terms of risk and security planning and always work with our clients to think ahead and be better prepared for uncertainty.

Our Reputation & Values

We see our reputation and our values as inextricably linked. Actions and experience speak louder than words as we always aim to ‘live’ our values which in turn support our reputation, brand and the trust placed in us by our customers.

Common Sense

We believe common sense is not just a passing instinct, rather it requires a rigorous and pragmatic approach to achieve the best results.


100% reliability to quickly respond and deliver what is promised.


To be open with our clients about the way we work and how we charge for our services.


To genuinely understand our clients’ needs and concerns and to spend the right amount of time with our clients in order to do so.


To exercise the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality at all times.